Online Instructor Job Openings – Quick Look

The academic employment situation at post-secondary academic institutions, community colleges, state colleges, four-year universities and for-profit colleges, is spiraling downward as a result of the evaporating faculty budget funds, and this is in the face of a student population larger than at any time since the middle of the twentieth century. The solution for both the colleges and universities and the adjunct faculty instructors is the implementation of accredited online bachelor degree programs and accredited online master’s degree programs. Distance education technology has matured significantly over the last five or six years, and that maturation is creating a new academic labor model that can work to the advantage of any individual with an earned graduate degree, a Ph.D. or master’s degree, if some level of understanding is acquired as to how this new model manifests itself. The simple fact of the matter is that if an adjunct college teacher wants to earn a decent living from post-secondary instruction the way to do it is to start applying for online instructor job openings.

An aggressive online adjunct instructor can acquire multiple online adjunct jobs with a variety of online college degree programs. The way this is done is to access the thousands of academic websites on the Internet and locate the faculty application section. Once in the faculty application section, which is specifically designed to accept the necessary academic credentials required to teach at the post-secondary level, it is relatively simple matter to load in your application materials. It is possible that an individual community college or state college is slow to deploy online degree programs and as a result it will be prudent to continuing submitting an application to teach online college courses for that institution until receiving a reply. It is important to have a rotational application strategy in motion in order to build up an online teaching portfolio containing six to ten online college classes in it.

Today’s college and university students are familiar enough with technology to make earning an electrical engineering bachelor degree online, an online masters degree in school counseling or an online bachelor degree in accounting a reasonable solution to the need for a college degree. The adjunct college instructor should also become as intimate with the functions of a personal computer and digital navigation of the Internet in order to earn a full time online adjunct income. It is entirely possible to earn a very satisfactory living from teaching online if the prospective online adjunct faculty member demonstrates the determination to apply to as many colleges and universities and community colleges every day as is necessary to fill up an online teaching schedule. In the end, the online instructor job openings are out there on the Internet, and there are more of them being offered to academically and technically qualified college teachers every day.