Students Earning a Bachelor Degree Online Offer Employment for Academics

On the surface it would appear as if teaching college and university students for a living is a hopeless endeavor, but that would be a mistake that many academics with earned graduate degrees make on a daily basis. Granted, the amount of income it is possible to earn from teaching in a physical college or university classroom on a traditional post-secondary campus is minimal at best, but there is a viable alternative for available to individuals with earned graduate degrees, a masters degree or Ph.D., in the form of teaching students earning a bachelor degree online. Currently, the community colleges, state colleges, four-year universities and technical schools are nowhere near the potential numbers of online degree programs they will be able to offer in the near future. The for-profit colleges, however, recognized the potential of distance education technology at least a decade ago and they have used it to the advantage of their student populations. In fact, when a prospective online adjunct instructor starts to apply for online college courses to teach at is a very good idea to start with the for-profit colleges. After all if one wants to drink from the online education well, it is smart to go to the well that has the most to offer. This is not to say that the publicly supported post-secondary academic institutions will not be able to catch up with for-profit colleges. In fact, the academic administrators for each state colleges and universities are diligently working to deploy as many online bachelor degree programs and online master degree programs as possible. After all, the student population is today far larger than at any time since the middle of the last century. This means that an academic with an earned graduate degree and evidence of classroom experience can enter a new career field, teaching online for online degree programs, and have an excellent chance of developing in a relatively short period of time a full-time online teaching portfolio with as many as ten online college classes in it.

Teaching online full time will require an academic to learn how to use a personal computer to access the thousands of websites of community colleges, state colleges, four-year universities, for-profit colleges and technical schools, but it is becoming easier every day to navigate the Internet and, therefore, easier to submit multiple online faculty position applications. The best way to start an application strategy for online adjunct faculty positions is to use a computer to go directly to the schools’ individual websites. After arriving at the academic website it is important to locate quickly as possible the link on the first page that leads to the faculty application section. Once in the faculty application section it will be easy for the prospective online adjunct instructor to submit applications every day to the various online college degree programs that allow the students enrolled in an academic institution the chance to earn a bachelor degree online. It is not necessary for an adjunct college professor to remain anchored in a physical college or university classroom on a traditional college or university campus any longer because there is a genuine need for academically prepared and technically proficient online adjunct instructors to teach the growing numbers of college university students enrolling in online degree programs.

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